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DAYS 23-29, March 22-28, 2018, A month of working on my wellness.

Today is officially a month. I recognize I have been quiet the last week. There’s a reason for that. I drastically over-committed and I suffered for it. Having an entire month to reflect on, it turns out that I have learned a lot that will help me as I move forward. It has been three …

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DAY 14 March 13, 2018. A month of working on my wellness.

The Challenge of a Busy Day I had to run from here to there a bit today. In order to fit in my patients, administrative duties, and family commitments. It was a good day, with the potential for me to get overwhelmed– which I didn’t!. There were challenges;  fitting in my workout, meditation, and eating …

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DAY Twelve March 11, 2018 A month of working on my wellness

  I made it through my 24 hours of just veggies and I already feel reset. What a relief. I am reset and ready to move forward. Before moving forward, I wanted to discuss a few how I got heres with you all. Specifically, I want to address the things I have given up, the …

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