Naughty No More

Naughty No More: A workbook for children who want to make good decisions


Would you like more smiles and cooperation from your children?

The Mullen family, made up of Andrew, Leah, Jodi Ann, and Michael, has created a brand new workbook that focuses on activities children and parents can do together!

NAUGHTY NO MORE reaches children across the planet!!!

One very special book sent to The School in a Cart is NAUGHTY NO MORE written by one of our guest authors on the Writer’s Blog, Jodi Ann Mullen, PhD LMHC. The workbook helps children to make better decisions and, perhaps more importantly, it inspires children to share their stories of how they learned to choose good behavior. Thank you, Jodi, for your contribution to education and to Lift the Lid!


Principal Alfredo Olavidez holding NAUGHTY NO MORE by Jodi Ann Mullen, PhD LMHC. Alfredo recognizes the value of NAUGHTY NO MORE and is taking the time to write a Tagalog translation for the students.


Students of The School in a Cart appreciate every book that comes their way. Please help support this program which reaches out to the street children of Cubao. It’s up to us to give them the tools for learning!

How Play Therapists can Engage Parents and Professionals

This workbook is the missing component for many practitioners of Play Therapy and child counseling. It is challenging to translate the philosophy and practice of Play Therapy into a common language even among mental health professionals. This workbook engages play therapists in building professional competence and confidence that are the foundation for sound consultation. Some highlights include:

  • Parent & Professional Profiles
  • Strategies for Engaging
  • Consultation Checklists
“Dr. Mullen and June Rickli have done a masterful job reminding us of the importance of being advocates not only for children, but for the field of play therapy. The reader is reminded of the critical skills necessary in being a sensitive and reflective consultant with parents and other professionals. Engagement and advocacy are interwoven throughout the workbook, with page after page of clear explanations, meaningful exercises and thoughtful responses to some of the more challenging consultation experiences. This manual is a gift to the skill set of all play therapists, as it further defines our professional identities.”
~Mary Anne Peabody, LCSW, RPT-S

Play Therapy Basic Training Workbook: A Guide to Learning and Living the Child-Centered Play Therapy Philosophy

Take a sneak peak of the workbook:
» Table of contents
» An inside look
Back cover

“This indispensable workbook will revolutionize the teaching of play therapy, as it fills a longstanding gap between theory and practice. The author successfully integrates the foundational content needed to orient play therapists-in-training with an essential series of reflective and experiential activities designed to facilitate skill development.  This material belongs on the shelf of every play therapist-in-training, as well as those who are teaching and supervising play therapists.”
Melissa Luke, PhD, Counseling and Human Services Department, Syracuse University

“I borrowed my colleague’s copy and I don’t want to give it back! It is excellent!”
Douglas Gotel

Please note that clicking on the links for this book will take you away from this page and bring you to an online shopping site.

Counseling Children: A Core Issues Approach

Richard W. Halstead, PhD
Dale-Elizabeth Pehrsson, EdD
Jodi Ann Mullen, PhD
This thoughtful and skillfully written book, a collaboration between three eminent scholars and practicing counselors, offers you a unique and novel way of looking at, understanding, and treating children with problematic behaviors.

Counseling Children and Adolescents through Grief and Loss

Jody J. Fiorini and Jodi Ann Mullen From the back cover:
This comprehensive resource provides developmentally appropriate interventions for counseling children and adolescents who have experienced a wide range of grief and loss, including secondary and intangible losses such as moving or divorce.

An essential resource for counselors, social workers, and psychologists in schools and other settings.

Supervision Can Be Playful: Techniques for Child and Play Therapist Supervisors

Supervision Can Be Playful: Techniques for Child and Play Therapist Supervisors

Supervision Can Be Playful offers clinical supervisors of mental health professionals a comprehensive and thoughtful resource. The text focuses on the clinical supervision of child and play therapists, with supervision interventions that can be augmented for use with mental health professionals who provide supervision to adolescent and adult therapists. The perspectives discussed regarding the role of the clinical supervisor are universal and readers will find them relevant regardless of the age group they are working with. The text addresses the roles and processes of clinical supervision from a unique playful perspective, and from an eclectic theoretical orientation. Each chapter author offers a piece of the supervision puzzle and offers the reader clear guidelines for implementing techniques and the rationale behind them.(less)


10 Interventions to Help Children Heal Wounds of Loss

By: Jodi A. Mullen PhD, LMHC, NCC, RPT-S
Ashley Lawton MS, LMHC, NCC, RPT
Rikki Ziegen MS, CAS, CCPT

This DVD includes 10 specialized techniques and activities that can be used when working with children who have experienced loss of any kind. Often times, children do not have the means to verbalize what they are feeling when they lose someone or something that is important to them. Using these interventions, the counselor can address some of those feelings and allow the child to physically express themselves in a safe environment and in a safe manner.

Child-Centered Play Therapy with Children on the Autism Spectrum

Presented by: Jodi Weinstein Mullen PhD, LMHC, NCC, RPT-S
June Rickli MS, LMHC, CCPT-S, RPT-S

This 2-disc DVD set is a recording of an interactive webinar. It features the full powerpoint and handout slides as they were presented during the webinar. Also, the DVD will give an overview of the culture of Autism Spectrum Disorders and various theoretical approaches to play therapy, emphasizing Child-Centered Play Therapy. This DVD will help counselors: 1) demonstrate an understanding of Autism Spectrum Disorders and the use of play therapy; 2) understand how sensory issues may create challenges in the therapeutic playroom; 3) employ play therapy skills for counseling children in the autism spectrum. Participants ask questions and share their own stories to give the DVD an interactive feel, much like the experience of actually attending a seminar.

Playing Fair: Ethics and Play Therapy – Webinar DVD

In this Webinar, Dr. Jodi Ann Mullen PhD, LMHC, NCC, RPT-S discusses the ethics of Play Therapy, both Child-Centered and other approaches. Ethics are the guidelines and standards that ensure that a therapist is practicing and using their skills in an appropriate and responsible manner that allows for client healing and acceptance. In regards to Play Therapy, there are many ethical issues that must be considered by a play therapist as they work with their client, the client’s guardians, and other professionals involved in the client’s life. Some of these considerations deal with consultation, the client’s right to privacy and confidentiality, the use of techniques and skills in specific situations, and the image of the profession as both a mental health worker and a play therapist. Dr. Mullen goes into great depth as she explains the complex world of ethics and how it overlaps into the profession of a play therapist. The DVD includes video powerpoint, as well as an interactive feel with questions and responses given by the participants of the original Webinar. A must for any aspiring or current play therapist, regardless of style and approach!

How Play Therapists Can Engage Parents and Professionals – Seminar DVD

In this seminar, Dr. Jodi Weinstein Mullen PhD, LMHC, NCC, RPT-S and June Rickli MS, LMHC, CCPT-S, RPT discuss the importance of consultation as a play therapist. They offer great insight into the use of consultation to improve the healing process with a child in play therapy, acknowledging that the work parents and other professionals do is as important as the work the child does, as well as the play therapist. Play therapy is not widely known or understood and it is part of the play therapist’s job to explain the work of play therapy, and also, offer a professional image of the practice. Working together creates a web of support for the child, and including others in the process allows all to share a larger picture of the child’s life and experience. This DVD has an interactive feel as seminar participants offer stories and their own insight into this complex and very important part of play therapy. This DVD offers many strategies and techniques that can help you expand and improve your work with parents/guardians and other professionals!

To order any of the materials on this page link to integrative counseling services store or call directly at 1.315.342.9255  


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