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I am proud to offer several different coaching opportunities designed for your specific needs. Coaching programs offer you the opportunity to work with a professional who can teach you the fundamentals, provide you with instruction and support to improve your skills, act as an accountability partner, and help you to obtain your goals. Myself and trained staff at Integrative Counseling Services offer three different coaching programs, which one is right for you?

Parent Coaching: Based on Dr. Mullen’s upcoming book, “Blissful Parenting: 20 Principles for Raising Freakishly Well-Behaved and Chronically Happy Children,” and radio show “Freakishly Well-Behaved Kids,” (listen in at, parent coaches work with parents in person or over the phone to guide parents through the challenges of the most difficult job there is—parenting. All our parent coaches are also mental Health Counselors with specialization in working with children. Parent coaching programs are designed to meet your specific needs. Programs range in duration, intensity, and fees. Some health insurance companies will pay for this service.

Personal Growth Coaching: Our personal growth coaching program is designed to help you reach your highest potential. Your personal growth coach will help you determine your purpose, set and achieve your goals. This program includes weekly phone meetings, personal growth assignments created for your specific needs, and support as you steps the crucial steps in achieving your goals and getting the most out of your life. Our personal growth coaches have experience in personal and professional coaching as well as mental health counseling. This one-year program is designed to meet your specific growth goals. Participants are selected for this program based on an initial phone screening.

Mental Health Counseling/Play Therapy Practice CoachingAre you ready for your practice to soar? Dr. Mullen started her solo professional clinical practice in 1994. She had three clients her first year. Two years later she had a waiting list. By 1998, she had added two other clinicians to her practice. In 2004, she opened Integrative Counseling Services employing six clinicians. Today, more than 25 clinicians at Integrative Counseling provide services in five separate central New York offices. Dr. Mullen provides one:one coaching for helping professionals who want to start or grow their practice. Like our other coaching programs, the program is designed with your specific needs and goals. This coveted one year program is only offered to two coaching clients per year. Applicants are selected after an initial screening process.

Check out this article I authored to get a sense of how professional coaching can get you and your practice growing!



I am so grateful to have connected with you and to have committed to professional coaching with you. Already I feel a difference in my confidence level and my ability to lead and become a boss. I still have questions and uncertainties but I believe that will always be a part of being a psychologist in this ever changing field. Thank you for all your time, energy, and guidance. So far this has been a wonderful and powerful experience for me as I continue to develop my professional identity.

Janine S. York, Psy.D.

The York Psychology Center

Canajoharie, NY

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