Attention Parents of Teenagers!

 I have a teenage daughter & she LIKES me!
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I am going to brag… I have a teenage daughter who likes and
respects me. Crazy, right! In this episode, I interview my very
own teenage daughter to get her perspective on what has worked
and what has flopped in terms of how she has been parented
especially during these teenage years (she’s 17). I am going to
check in with her about some of the insights on parent-teenager
relationships that she has talked about with me in the past.
For instance, she said I was strict, but she likes it that way and
she shared that most of her friends don’t like being with their parents,
but she does. I have always believed that children (even teenager ones)
are the best teachers when it comes to parenting. My daughter has
taught me many incredible lessons, perhaps you can benefit from
her wisdom as well.


When kids feel good, they behave that way!

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