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A Self-Directed Guide for Professionals
By Dr. Jodi Ann Mullen and June M. Rickli
Successfully combines the foundational content needed to orient
play therapists to the child-centered approach.
Activities allow readers to engage in an interactive process to learn
the philosophy and skills of child-centered play therapy: seeing the
world through the child’s eyes, empathizing, tracking, setting limits,
recognizing childhood as culture, identifying themes and stages of
therapy, and more.
Authors provide a personal backdrop for learning and living the
child-centered play therapy philosophy, based on their many years
conducting and supervising play therapy sessions. Both budding and
seasoned play and child therapists stand to gain richly from their
To Order visit www.integrativecounseling.us or call 1-315-342-9255

Naughty No More

“Naughty No More: A Workbook to help kids make good decisions” NOW AVAILABLE

easy to order through or

for more information go to www.integrativecounseling.us



The daily Show’s host Jon Stewart gets inspired and demonstrates feeling faces from page 28!

STAY TUNED more seminars coming soon!!!



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