DAYS 23-29, March 22-28, 2018, A month of working on my wellness.

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Today is officially a month. I recognize I have been quiet the last week. There’s a reason for that. I drastically over-committed and I suffered for it. Having an entire month to reflect on, it turns out that I have learned a lot that will help me as I move forward.


It has been three months since I have had any alcohol. I have not craved it or felt like I was missing out when I was in social situations where other people were indulging; that is, until Saturday. I was at a conference with my fun play therapy colleagues. I was offered a glass of champagne (my favorite), no thank you; red wine, white wine, no thank you, not drinking; and a beer, um no. Here’s the thing, I wanted the champagne, I even wanted the wine red and/or white. What happened when I denied myself of a glass, which I think is all I would have had in this scenario, it was not good. Instead of filling my glass, I filled my belly. I ate crap I typically do not eat. I felt like ass because I ate a good deal of sugar, gluten and just too much overall. It affected me physically in the short term. It also affected my relationship with myself. I was mean to myself, that in turn affected my mood, which then affected my carb, sugar, chocolate cravings. Freaking disaster.


The last two weeks my sleep has sucked. I already discussed that. I am 100% sure at this point that if I do not address my sleep hygiene as a priority I will never be able to reach my overall wellness goals. When I am sleep deprived, I wake up in a foul mood. I skip morning workouts. I complain and feel sluggish when I do make it to my 6am workout and therefore don’t get the same feeling of pride and overall health when I complete it. It seems to me that I am hungrier than usual when I don’t sleep well and I am more interested in eating food that is quick and easy versus nutritious and consistent with my wellness goals. My focus is negatively affected. I am not on the top of my game. On the outside, I look tired, my sparkle is dimmed and there seems to be more hair in the drain. I know what I need to do. It’s time to take actions.

A Complicated Relationship

My relationship with food is complicated. It is simplified when I eat whole foods, when I prepare my meals, when I take the time to think about what I am eating before I am hungry and take the time to make yummy whole food that does not include sugar, and gluten; that is not processed; and is part of a plant-based diet. It does not have to be complicated. I make it that way, I can make it the other way.

raising kids – MOCK UP


I feel like I can seriously work on my sleep. I am 12 hours away from going on a short vacation (HOORAY). I have a new book coming out, Raising Freakishly Well-Behaved Kids in the next 90 days. I will need to care for myself while the book release kicks into gear. Writing, journaling, blogging has really helped me make sense of what I have learned and learned about myself. I am going to take a week off and then start back up. When I start back up I will be focused on Parenting, connecting the content of my new book to wellness. I am excited about that. Thanks for hanging with me.

With Love & Gratitude~



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