DAY 18 March 17, 2018, A month of working on my wellness.

28700957_10155049515360672_7842280136312589516_oHappy St. Patrick’s Day. I am celebrating my first St. Patrick’s day in a way. I recently submitted my DNA to and despite any existing knowledge of my heritage, I have some Irish in me! I have been thinking about doing a more comprehensive DNA screen. Both Drs. Brogan and Gottfried discuss it in their respective books and blogs. You can get good information about your particular health profile and what you need (and what you should avoid) in order to optimize your physical and mental wellness. I am considering it, it’s pricey (and worth it?).

I decided to celebrate my first St. Patrick’s day as with Irish heritage by going for a run. I have already had enough days that were focused on beer drinking in my history that I opted out of that stereotypical part of the celebration. Plus, that would get in the way of my goals and I am determined.

Oh my, so painful :o(
 March Madness

My son plays basketball and my husband coaches. Most of my day, today, was attending games. I prepared my food and meditations so that I could keep both on track. I might have not eaten enough, but to be honest my appetite wasn’t there. That’s different for me. I usually have a difficult time even identifying when I am hungry and when I am not. Either way I usually eat. Today I listened to my body, today I could hear what it was saying. This may be a bit of craziness, but I think the adjustments I have been making in my diet and other wellness activities have made me more in tune and connected to my internal voice and cues. I am communicating better with myself. Anyone else experience that when they are eating better? Limiting their sugar and processed food intake?


I have a very busy week ahead starting with two full day presentations out of town and then evening activities after work. I am going to sleep by 10 tonight and waking up whenever tomorrow. No alarm for me. OH and I said “No.” I was supposed to go for a run with my running partner tomorrow morning, which is something I like to say “Yes” to, but it’s only supposed to be 15 degrees at our running time tomorrow so I said “No.” I do think I need the sleep more than the run at this point in time anyway. I really am determined to regulate my sleep.


Dr. Sara Gottfried recommends taking the supplement resveratrol. It is among the supplements she suggests in keeping a health profile that is younger than our chronological age. That’s important to me. I want to look younger then I am on the outside. I want to feel and “look” younger than I am based on what’s happen inside.

Resveratrol is a remarkable extract in red wine. According to significant amounts of clinical research this extract plays a role in cardiovascular and cellular health. You can’t just drink red wine and get the benefits because it would take at least three bottles of red wine a day to experience the effects of resveratrol extract. That seems excessive and like the negative effects of drinking three bottles of wine a day would surely out-weigh the positive effects of the resveratrol.

Image result for red wine

I am choosing this particular brand of resveratrol not just because it works to maintain cell health, promote normal cell cycle activity, promote apoptosis (programmed cell death) in unhealthy cells, support the normal activity of the SIRT-1 gene (you definitely want this), and promote cardiovascular health, by promoting healthy platelet activity, promoting vasorelaxation, and providing antioxidant protection of LDL particles, but also because of the concentration that is found in this brand.

What’s the deal with the SIRT-1 gene? Dr. Gottfried talks about the SIRT-1 gene. This gene activates a critical component of calorie restriction in mammals and promotes fat metabolization (good news). There is evidence that resveratrol mimics the effects of calorie restriction by targeting metabolic and stress response pathways affected by calorie restriction, but without restricting caloric intake, which may be helpful in promoting a longer lifespan. Healthy SIRT-1 activity, is connected to healthy mitochondrial function and energy expenditure, which is thereby connected to healthy weight promotion. Remind me why I am not taking this regularly? There’s not a good reason. I will be adding it to my morning supplements starting tomorrow. I’ll keep you posted.

With Love & Gratitude~


… and yourself…

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