A month of working on my wellness. DAY Eleven March 10, 2018

IMG_0291 Ready, set, go

Running is magical for me. Truly a moving meditation when I run solo, even on the treadmill. Today, though, I get to run (and when I say run, I mean mostly walk fast with some running sprinkled in) with my long term running partner Sam. Over ten years ago, when Sam and I started running together I was training for my first marathon (and needed support for the long runs) and he was training for his 40-something-th. Turns out although we have little in common otherwise running bonds are strong enough to create and maintain amazing friendships. We logged over six miles, heard some spring birds, talked and talked and talked, set some new fitness and wellness goals, and GET THIS saw a snowy owl! One of the best things about being active and being outside while you are actives are those moments. A freaking snowy owl which, as an aside, is a great reason to take break when running or even walking.



Sam and I do a lot of talking about our fitness and wellness goals, training ideas, and offering commentary. He’s not just a good running partner (we sometimes snow shoe together too), is he is also a good accountability partner. It’s not a bad idea to have one of those. As you set your goals share them with someone who will support you! Here’s what I came up with; I need to register for a fall ½ marathon. I was scheduled to run one last September but then I had to have an emergency appendectomy two weeks before. It sucked. It still sucks. It is taking me a long time (I’m inpatient) to get my running anywhere near the level it was at. I am determined to do that. Today I started looking for ½ marathons in the Fall within an hour or two from where I live. I also texted another running partner and bestie, Judy, to see if she wanted to do one with me. Accountability, connection, loyalty, commitment; all good for my emotional wellness. I will keep you posted.

About those cookies

Along our run/walk I told Sam about the cookie incident as well as the negative self-talk. As I unloaded (he really is such a good friend), I also decided. I decided today would be different. I laser focused today and created a schedule for myself that allowed for thoughtful eating, meditation, time to spend with my family, and getting a few things crossed of that same list that set me off just yesterday. Guess what- it worked. When I can make chaos feel and look like stability my psychological and emotional wellness improves.



Sometimes you just need to reset: Cleansing

I really needed today’s reset. There are many different ways to reset so I like to decide how to reset by asking myself, “What do I need now?” Here are a few of the different cleanses I have needed and some commentary about them. My goal here is to create a conversation that you have with yourself, someone in your life, or even me to figure out what you need, and what you need now.

24 hour Fast

Sometimes I need a full day fast. I usually use the sundown to sundown model that I am culturally familiar with. During this fast, I drink water and tea but that’s it. I may go for a walk, but that’s the extent of the physical activity. I meditate, read, and if I feel like it, do some writing type work. I don’t leave home, I might not even shower. It’s about taking it easy and being quiet; inside and out. This type of cleanse centers me. I do it at least once a year, typically 2-3 times per year.

24 hours Veggies only

Veggies make me happy. It may surprise you, but as a vegan there’s a lot of other things I eat besides vegetables. Bryer’s makes a vegan ice cream that is crazy good and crazy loaded with sugar. I can’t have it in the house. I’ll eat the entire half gallon… in one sitting. Going just veggies for 24 hours rekindles my love for veggies. People often ask me when I share vegetables I cook why they taste so good, my typical answer “Because I am in love with them and I treat them accordingly.” What does that really mean, I am not afraid to use spices and use them liberally. This type of cleanse works best when I all that I need to reset is my eating, particularly getting gluten and sugar out of the dietary picture.


4-7 day cleanse (product)

This product, combined with following the prescribed eating plan does the trick for me when I need a cleanse that has physical results. It requires me to drink some fiber (which I actually love the taste of), eat clean, sleep, and move my body gently (no running or cross fit, although I ignore that part). It includes other supplements in the form of pills that are aimed at detoxing your liver. If you have been putting crap into your body, you may even get a bit stinky during this cleanse as the toxins are released. Hooray, if you are stinky it’s working. You have to meal plan and be thoughtful. I have had great results with this cleanse, losing 5-9 pounds during a 7 day cleanse. I usually do this one a few times a year, once a quarter. One last thing that I love about this particular product is there is no stress the comes from running back and forth to the bathroom.

21 day hormone reset diet (Dr. Sara Gottfried)

Oh how I love Dr. Sara and her advice. I have learned so much from her books and blog. She has an entire book dedicated to resetting your hormones and taking back your physical, emotional, nutritional, hormonal and even spiritual wellness. I have followed Dr. Sara’s Hormone Reset Diet twice. It’s challenging but the results are fantastic. This is my cleanse of choice when I need a full wellness reset. I swear last time I did it my eyes went from blue to blue sparkles!

No Alcohol (duration TBD) and/or No Sugar (duration TBD)

My body needs breaks from sugar and/or alcohol regularly. Dr. Gottfried recommends detoxing your liver several times a year for at least 2 weeks at a time. In case you are keeping track, I have been alcohol free for 10.5 weeks. Longest I have gone without sugar; 3 weeks. According to Dr. Sara, it takes 3 days to reset your hormones. No sugar and no alcohol will reset set some of the key hormones that impact your health and wellness.

Physical Space Clean Out (like my closet, desk, kitchen cabinets)

This kind of cleanse (purge) is time consuming yet worth it. I find this kind of cleanse is exactly what I need when I feel anxious. It diffuses my anxiety and improves my focus.

Technology Hibernation (duration TBD)

Technology, particularly FaceBook and email overwhelm me. How about you? Do you ever feel maxed out by your connection to technology? I was inspired by one of my mental health counseling students, Allison, to take FaceBook off my phone. I did and that was months and months ago. I won’t go back there. Every so often I will put an away message on my email and take at least 24 hours without checking it. This helps me when I am feeling fried, anxious, or irritable.

Let me know what you have tried and how it works. It would be cool to have a cleanse-type check list to refer to when your wellness is off or not optimal. I would be happy to put that together and post it.


With Love & Gratitude~


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