A month of working on my wellness. DAY Ten March 9, 2018


Started off strong & then…

I started my day off with a few wellness related activities. I dry brushed, flossed, took my supplements, had a protein shake, meditated and completed two tasks on my to do list.

I was psyched to have today to work from home even if I had a lot to do between today and Monday. I looked at my to do list and immediately felt overwhelmed. Following up with yesterday’s blog about cortisol and negative self-talk, I could clearly see the link as I cursed myself for taking on too much work (again). It’s not only hard for me to say no in general, but I love my work so I tend to over commitment. In addition to my teaching and other responsibilities at the college, seeing my clients, and running my clinical practice (and my Mom duties!), I took on six presentations, all out of town, and I am putting the finishing touches on my parenting book. It’s too much.

raising kids – MOCK UP

Even with all that I on my plate I decided I was going to the gym and made a commitment to my friend Melissa to join her at the HIIT class again. Do you have a gym, workout, walking buddy? I recommend it HIGHLY. Even when I want to find something else to do with my time, if I have made a commitment to another person, I am way less likely to fill my time slot with something else. The HIIT class was packed, awesome and tough. There’s a great energy in the room. I am so grateful to my fellow workout classmates and Trish the instructor for creating this very positive experience.

After HIIT class I hoped on the treadmill. I was in the mood to run. Some people would refer to what I do as jogging, it’s running I assure you. Also, a word of advice, if I may, never refer to what people do on the treadmill, road, or track as jogging. It makes us runners want to throttle you. Running is a moving meditation to me whether inside or out (which prevents me from the aforementioned throttling). I picture my stress falling behind me as move forward. I even sweat happy.


This is where the tide turned. After the run, I got on the scale. WHY! WHY? WHY! I know from long history of having a negative relationship with the scale, that I have to be in the perfect space emotionally and psychologically to responsibility deal with the number before me. I wasn’t. It’s as if all the other data, the inch measurements, the way my clothes fit, the way I feel, the changes I have made, the steps I have taken- – well, they don’t matter. I mean they do matter, but in that moment, they did not.

Welcome to Egypt

I kept my shit together through lunch time and then began to prepare for an Around the World Party. My country was Egypt. Now I have never eaten or made Egyptian food, but I was determined to deliver the goods at a high level. Thank you Pintrest (follow me there to see what recipes I have tried out). Anyway, I found an Egyptian soup that looked yummy, easy (key), and vegan. My daughter was making a potato dish as her contribution. We needed a dessert. Back to Pintrest, this time I found Egyptian Butter Cookies, definitely not vegan, nor sugar or gluten free. I usually will try to augment those ingredients and healthify (good word, right?) the recipe. I was scared though because I had never made these cookies before. I decided to use a Paleo flour, but I kept in the sugar and ghee. At least the cookies were gluten free. Besides being gluten free they were freaking delicious. In fact, they were so delicious, I pounded down three (they really are small) before I left for the party and then like six at the party, and another six after the party (there were leftovers).

Egyptian Butter Cookies (Ghorayeba) | Food of Egypt

All that sugar and ghee (clarified butter) which I usually do not eat resulted in night sweats, a bit of a pity party, and a stellar example of over-the-top negative self-talk. So much for Dr. Sara Gottfried’s advice that I shared just yesterday.

Tomorrow is a new day and a new opportunity. I have a morning running date with my long term running partner and friend Sam. I can do better, and I want to do better; psychologically, with what I choose to eat and not eat (at least I did not indulge in the Riesling in Germany).


with Love & Gratitude,



  1. violakaroly

    You had a very good day!!

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