A month of working on my wellness. DAY Six REALLY March 5, 2018

I guess I skipped a day; I apologize for any confusion. Maybe I just want this month to go bye quick!


Today was a bit tough. My schedule was somewhat chaotic and I did not take a designated lunch break, so I threw the second half of my breakfast (veggies and tofu) down during a meeting. That wasn’t a good idea. What I realize happens in that scenario is that even if I am not hungry, when I don’t take a little time to just eat my meal, I wind up not feeling satisfied. I need more practice at mindful eating. I wasn’t satisfied and to be honest I am still not. I figured if I shared that with you it might help be unburden that feeling. I am also still going with my hypothesis that I am in general hungrier the week before I get my period (TMI? I hope not because I plan on talking to you about pooping soon). Another thing I just thought of… I stayed up later than I have since starting this last night AND only slept 4:40, yikes. And ANOTHER thing… I went without caffeine today (high five myself here because around 10am I really thought I needed it, I was jonesing).

Meditation Magic

This morning while I was doing my meditation the constant inner chatter was in high gear. I observed that it’s not just chatter that I experience but a sense of unrelenting noise. Get this, at some point during this morning’s meditation the chatter stopped and the noise disappeared it was just internally quiet. It was very obvious and very cool! Have you tried to meditate yet? If not that, deep breathing? Guided meditation? For an example, here’s a link to a guided meditation I created with my son when he wasn’t taller than me.


No Sugar, why this is such an important part to my wellness puzzle

There is so much research and literature out there about why we should be eating low-glycemic (low sugar) that for the next few days I will start to share some of the arguments that really inspired and motivated me. First, in It Starts with Food, the authors state, “These foods [sugars, artificial sweeteners, and alcohol] light up pleasure, reward, and emotional pathways in the brain, offering supernormally stimulating flavors without providing the nutrition that nature intended. These are foods-with-no-brakes, promoting overconsumption and the inability to control your cravings, habits, and behaviors.”  Those words really hit me hard because the way I make sense of that is sugar negatively effects our wellness physically, spiritually, emotionally, and even at a cellular level.


Hot Tub

Meeting my husband there for a date. Got to go.

With love and gratitude- Jodi

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