A month of working on my wellness. DAY Five March 5, 2018


3 weekends of 3 road trips: This one was different

As a vocalist, my daughter has to audition for college. The past 3 weekends we have spent nearly 40 hours in the car. This is not the best scenario for me to practice wellness, and the prior 2 weekends were beyond poor examples wellness practice. This weekend was different. The results from meditating 2x per day, meeting my steps goals even though I was in the car for 9 hours, eating wisely, turning off my screens, going to bed earlier, getting in some running, and spending quality time with my daughter are that my physical, spiritual and emotional wellness all seem lined up. In less then a week of focused attention on my wellness (on me), I feel good.

One of the things my daughter and I made some time for while we were in Philadelphia was a ride over to Little Italy and the Italian Market. I wish I had a cooler in my car because there was such an amazing variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. Get this, for $5.50 we bought: 4 pints of blackberries, 2 quarts of blueberries, 2 quarts of strawberries, a bunch of asparagus, and a bag of grapes. If you visit Philadelphia do this!!!pexels-photo-868110.jpeg

I was a little bit hungrier today then I have been since starting this quest. I wonder if that is connected to being pre-menstrual. Has anyone else noticed this? I had my first processed food item in 5 days in the car in what felt like a hunger emergency. My choice was informed though, low sugar, vegan and gluten-free, NUGO Slim bar in mint chocolate. In future posts I will talk more about why I am vegan, am maintaining a very low-glycemic diet, eliminating as much gluten and processed food as possible  and why you might consider making some of those changes too (that’s going to take me awhile- I hope you will stick with me for that).Image result for nugo slim chocolate mintI did also indulge in my caffeine drink, which as far as energy drinks go, it’s a not as bad as some of the others available.That was my last one of those bad boys for awhile. Although I have a very busy work load this month (including some more traveling in the car) and have definitely over-committed, I am going to do it without caffeine- join me!

Last thing for today, because I want to get back to watching the Oscar’s (is it just me or do these women have incredible skin)

I was looking through my notes from A Mind of Your Own: The Truth about Depression and How Women Can Heal Their Bodies and Reclaim Their Lives by Kelly Brogan, MD, lots of fascinating and compelling information. This got me thinking and I wanted to share it with you. As a mental health counselor and professor, I have treated people and taught people about depression for over 20 years. It has always seemed intuitive to me that exercise protects us from depression and in times when depression creeps in, exercise will squeeze it out. Science reflects this. Just another reason to move your body! According to Dr. Brogan, exercise truly is an antidote for much of what ails us. “It improves digestion, metabolism, elimination, body tone and strength, and bone destiny, and helps us normalize weight.” She adds, “It can literally… reverse aging, support emotional stability, and stave off depression.” My clients who show a propensity for or have clinical depression are all give a prescription for exercise. Show yourself love by finding a form of exercise that you love. I’ll be at cross fit tomorrow morning at 6am.IMG_3636

Thanks you again for allowing me to share!

Love- Jodi

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