A month of working on my wellness. DAY TWO March 1, 2018


What a difference a day (or two) makes. I felt good about myself when I signed off of electronics at 10:15pm last night and was in bed by 11:00. I fell asleep easily, which is rare at best. Before I went to bed I flossed for the second time yesterday, Dr. Sara Gottfried talks about that in her book Younger, just flossing twice a day has a significant impact on cardiovascular health (and dental health obviously too). My mom had two heart attacks at 50, so part of what motivates my wellness goals are connected to the heart disease that exists in my family.

Also worth noting, several of the books I read also talk about the importance of magnesium. This nutrient is depleted when you take antibiotics (I took them for years, maybe decades for my skin- acne), experience trauma (been there too), and eat foods that are processed and full of garbage (check that box as well). According to the research, magnesium supports over 300 enzyme reactions, and plays roles in many aspects of health. It supports the normal metabolism of calcium and potassium in adults. Magnesium works together with calcium and vitamin D to help keep bones strong and support bone mineral density. Magnesium also supports muscle development and movement and the transmission of nerve impulses to the muscles. Studies clearly demonstrate the effects of supplemental magnesium on muscular health. Adequate magnesium levels are also important for cardiovascular health. Studies show that magnesium also supports a regular heartbeat, and helps maintain normal blood pressure. Lastly, magnesium supports normal protein synthesis which is related to maintaining normal blood sugar levels. I had a dose of magnesium before bed and perhaps that contributed to me falling asleep easily. I’ll continue to experiment with that and let you know. Click this link to connect to the product and more information.


I went to cross fit again this morning. It is amazing that a 15 minute workout can be so challenging, but that’s why I love it. I know cross fit, or any activity isn’t for everyone, but I love it and need it. By this I mean, all the authors of the health and wellness books I have read make an argument for the importance of weight training especially as we age to maintain muscle tone and strength, plus it helps with metabolism. I find lifting weights BORING, but when it is part of a class, like it is in cross fit, that works for me.

I made my breakfast. I had the same thing as yesterday. Let me tell you what I am up to with my decisions regarding what to put into my body. 100% of the authors talk about what sugar does to the body; it isn’t good. It causes inflammation which is the state in the body where disease thrives. This includes, but is not limited to cancer, heart disease, diabetes, PCOS and even depression! My goal is no sugar, at least for this month. No sugar includes no alcohol, because alcohol is sugar. I actually have not had any alcohol since December 28, 2017. I plan on reintroducing alcohol in about a month on my vacation. We are going to an all-inclusive resort and I want to make sure I get my monies worth!


5 fun size bags of M&M’s. The day before I decided to start this blog I had an incident where I ate a minimum of 5 fun size bags of M&M’s (It could have been 15, for real). Prior to that I had been sugar free for 13 days. In those 13 days, I had already noticed major benefits, but still the M&M thing happened. Here’s what I noticed when I went sugar free even if it only lasted less than 2 weeks, I lost craving for sweets after day 3, my clothes felt looser, and I had less premenstrual symptoms. A little history, I have had periodic night sweats since I am in my 20s. It’s gross and interferes with my sleep in a big way. Turns out when I do not eat sugar, I do not have night sweats…

Lunch at my desk again today, roasted cauliflower and carrots, with ½ an avocado- that fat is so important according to Drs. Kelly Brogan, and Sara Gottfried and Gary Traub writes about it as well. All of the authors make the scientific argument that fat does NOT make you fat (as long as it is the “right” kind of fat, saturated fat), sugar does (yep, back to that). Saturated fats that occur in nature are actually not dangerous to consume; they provide fat soluble vitamins such as vitamin A, D, and K2. They also help produce a pain-reducing, anti-inflammatory.


I brought my lunch in a glass BPA free container, another wellness move that was consistent in what I have read. Minimizing the toxins we are exposed to will of course benefit our overall health. It’s everywhere, I can at least make some changes and investments to cut down and out opportunities for toxins to get in.

I worked a full day (8:00-5:00). The meeting I attended at from 3:00-4:30 featured a huge freaking tray of what appeared to be perfect chocolate chip cookies. The kind with chocolate chunks, not measly chocolate chips. These little beauties looked like they had achieved an impeccable blend of crunch and chew. They smelled amazing, I know this because the only seat around the conference table that was available when I walked in was the one right in front of those cookies. I talked myself out of having even a piece of one because there’s no doubt they are loaded with sugar AND I am accountable to myself and you, so thank you!

I thought about taking a nap, but elected to meditate instead. The research on meditation is plentiful and powerful. I had to go to a teacher turn learn meditation. I practice Transcendental Meditation (TM). The optimal way to practice TM is 2x a day for 20 minutes. Yeah, that has not happened for me in a while. It felt good to do it, and I will make it a goal to get back on track with my 2x/day/20minutes this month.

Dinner. Still kind of low on groceries and to be honest, I don’t want to go to the grocery store so I have to again work with what I have. My husband is the grocery shopper, he’s better at it and not wooed by the shining things like I am. I did the tossed salad with pan fried tofu and avocado. I also had some air popped popcorn and mushed up banana & blueberries.

Some final thoughts regarding data I plan on weighing myself tomorrow and will take some measurements as well. Although I am not doing this to necessarily lose weight, I do feel better a when I am about 5 pounds less. I slept 5 hours and 49 minutes, but without the night sweats and with falling asleep quickly it was quality sleep. I woke up without my alarm at 4:48am. I reached my step goal again today, around 8:15pm.

Turns out that writing like this is contributing to my overall feeling of wellness.

with Gratitude!


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