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PCOS Wellness Information

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Get this- no other hormone imbalance effects more women up to age 50 then PCOS. PCOS effects 20% of women and interferes with fertility. Small cysts (between 10-100) develop on the ovaries as a result of disturbed hormones and ovulation. The cysts are not dangerous, or associated with ovarian cancer, woman are typically treated with birth control pills which is fine as long as you are not trying to get pregnant (obviously).

The cause of PCOS has not been determined, however there are clues. These clues are linked to high cortisol, high androgens, and high insulin. Turns out these clues are often associated with obesity as well.

Most women, whether obese or lean, share these symptoms:

Difficulty losing weight which is probably because of high insulin levels that alert the body to store fat. High insulin also increases hunger and carbohydrate cravings which leads to more stored fat and weight. *This can be addressed with low glycemic diet.

WTF Hairs Too much androgen causes hairs to thicken and grow. It typically happens in a male pattern. Androgen is linked to cortisol in women. *You need to lower your cortisol levels (eliminate caffeine and decrease your stress level) and this aspect of PCOS may improve.

Inflammation women with PCOS have chronic, low-grade inflammation. You must make lifestyle changes to reduce inflammation. *Reset your lifestyle by following a low glycemic diet and using a supplement that is a free radical destroyer like OPC-3 or OPC-3 Beauty Blend.

What happens with PCOS manifests as we age

Prepuberty- weight gain, early pubic hair or menarche, acne, high blood sugar

Adolescence- irregular periods, obesity, acne, rogue hair growth

Reproduction years- infertility, gestational diabetes, preeclampsia

Perimenopause- diabetes, obesity, stroke, heart disease, cancer


Perimenopause and PCOS Dangers

Heart disease- it’s associated with belly fat, high blood pressure, inflammation, insulin resistance, abnormal glucose metabolism. Consider adding Omega-III fish oil to your diet helps with your overall heart health, central nervous system, and immunity.

Cancer- may be associated with hormone-related cancers like breast cancer and endometrial cancer.

Mood problems- even in women with PCOS who are considered lean, increased rate of body dissatisfaction and depressive symptoms, anxiety, withheld anger, diminished sexual satisfaction, lower overall health-status related quality of life. Anxiety, especially, is related to insulin resistance. There are several lifestyle changes that will aid with this including regular exercise, meditation, and supplementation.

Abnormal liver enzymes- 30 percent of woman with PCOS have high levels of liver enzymes that equals inflammation in the liver. Be thoughtful about alcohol consumption as well as medications that overtax the liver. Curcumin helps with overall pelvic circulation, congestion, and irritation of pelvic organs and acts to aid in detoxification through the liver.

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You can help yourself

Lifestyle changes

  • Low-glycemic (low or no sugar, that includes alcohol) diet. You need to learn how to read labels and scrutinize what you are eating in order to make this happen. It’s a lot of work at first, but it’s worth it. This will reset set your insulin (and leptin). Ready for a kick start? Remove all sugar, including naturally occurring sugar in fruit for 7 days to reboot your system. Nutriclean 7 day cleanse and TLS phase 1 weight management plans support this endeavor.
  • You have to eliminate caffeine to reset your cortisol level. Caffeine, like sugar, is addictive. Be gentle to yourself as you eliminate these substances. It will take 3-7days to reset your cortisol.
  • Add in a free radical destroyer. Adding in OPC-3 or OPC-3 beauty blend (at least to capfuls for a week per day and one capful per day forever after) will help decrease inflammation throughout your body. Inflammation is the breeding ground for most diseases and aliments. Create health by adding this supplement and removing red meat and alcohol from your diet.


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