What’s the Play Therapy Summit all about?

Play Therapy Summit Sneak Peek

So, just a little update about the Play Therapy Summit…2000+ people have registered so far.  We’ve received a bunch of questions about how this whole thing works so I wanted to try to help if I can.

It is pretty confusing because this hasn’t been done before.  My advice is to join the Facebook group to make sure you get all the updates.

You’ve heard about the headliners (Dr. David Crenshaw, Lisa Dion, Dr. Janet Courtney, Dr. Robert Jason Grant, Dr. Jodi Mullen), but I let me tell you that the “unknowns” are amazing too.

  • Yael Livneh from Israel is going to talk about Water Play Therapy
  • Carrie Carr talks about EMDR with play therapy but gives you some really practical tips that you can ethically use without EMDR training.
  • And Nicole O-Pries has the easiest way to explain brain functioning to kids and parents from her years of working at crime scenes.

People are so excited about the line-up and confused about the 24-hour thing, especially if you live in a far away time zone.

If you’ve registered (but not purchased the All Access Pass), then you will get access to 5 Speakers every day of the Summit for just 24 hours.

Day 1 is Clair Mellenthin, Dr. Jodi Mullen, Dr. Janet Courtney, Robyn Gobbel and Dr. Angela Caveett.  See the rest of the agenda  by following this link http://www.playtherapysummit.com/?ref=63198d and clicking on agenda in the top right hand corner.

  • Those presentations are from 8am EST time on 8/25/17 until 8am EST on 8/26/17. Check here to see what time that means it will start where you are.  But, no matter where you live, you still get 24 hours to watch.
  • Then we do it all again that way 3 more times for Day 2, Day 3 and Day 4.
  • You do not get play therapy credit during the free portion. You will learn some amazing things though.

So…if you want to be able to watch the presentations on your own schedule with ZERO time restrictions and lifetime access and/or you need play therapy credit, then consider the All Access Pass.

The All Access Pass  ($97 until the Summit starts)

  • You still have to wait until 8/25/17 to get the presentations, but then you get all 21 at the same time and forever! No time restrictions, no time limits.
  • If you need play therapy credit, you can take 1 quiz at a time (on your schedule) and get 1 hour of non-contact credit for 20 of the presentations. Remember, Joe’s course is another bonus on marketing that you get forever as well.
  • You get Jennifer’s course “The First 10 Things to Learn About Play Therapy) which is another 1 hour of play therapy non-contact credit.
  • You do not get CEU’s for licensure (maybe next time!)

Hope that clears things up for you a little bit.  If you have more questions, email Jen and she will be sure to help you.  Tell her I gave you her email, which is info@jentaylorplaytherapy.com

Xo Jodi

P.S.  I heard that an amazing sponsor is so excited about this event that they are giving away another a free gift to everyone that registers.  I don’t know everything but I heard it has something to do with gift cards. Sign up here http://www.playtherapysummit.com/?ref=63198d and Jen will let you know more when it’s final.

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