Wellness Newsletter: The Big Picture

Wellness Newsletter: The Big Picture

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In addition to providing direct mental health services through play therapy and mental health counseling, I can help children, adolescents, and adults with supplements. I am used to seeing improvement. Now I find adding supplements to your overall wellness routine increases the speed and magnitude of progress. Here’s what the research indicates is helpful:

How is your child’s tummy working (and yours too)? Research has shown that our emotional, mental, and physical health is connected with our gut. If we can build our health from our core out, we can be successful in improving our overall well-being.

Improve how the tummy works: I love to see children and families eat “real” food. When we eliminate preservatives, dyes, and sugars we tend to see behavior changes. When you do this yourself you can FEEL the changes. For children or adults with neurological based challenges like ADHD, Autism, OCD, eliminate grains and casein (dairy) makes a difference. Research has shown an improvement in behaviors and mental health when eliminating casein in 91% of children with neurological disorders. It also showed that there was an 87% improvement with an elimination of just gluten. Children feel better and have fewer symptoms. When children feel better the BEHAVE better. I encourage families to try an elimination diet for a month and observe the results- you become the researcher. Sometimes kids are able to bring back in limited amounts of dairy and grains at some point in their life while others choose to just not eat them.

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Diets that include 25% protein of clean and lean (not processed) protein helps with focusing and irritability. Eliminating red meat turns out to be good for you and the planet.

Sensory issues can be linked to food allergies and sensitivities that are often difficult to pinpoint. We suggest the following products that aid in digestion DNA Probiotics, DNA Digestive Enzymes, DNA OPC-3, and Activated B Complex. B-complex is good for overall neurological health as B vitamins play a roll in balancing your response to stress. B is also a MUST if you follow a plant-based diet.

For children who have been diagnosed with ADHD, or demonstrate behavioral symptoms consistent with is we suggest these products; DNA OPC-3, Activated B Complex, DNA Digestive Enzymes, Omegas, and Probiotics.

For adolescents and adults who are dealing with the unpleasant side effects of stress try Activated B Complex, Calcium Complete, and Bliss. For the more serious experience, people who have anxiety, calcium is helpful for relaxation and Activated B Complex and magnesium to help decrease irrational thinking. If that anxiety and stress are getting in the way of your sleep you’ll want to try Calcium Complete, magnesium, and L tryptophan. L tryptophan is safe for children to take (it’s the chemical in turkey that make you feel tired at Thanksgiving).

There is also research that states adolescents with acne are suffer from depression at a greater rate then those with clear skin. We recommend Digestive Enzymes, Ultimate Aloe, OPC-3, Probiotics. For depression in general taking Magnesium, Activated B Complex, omegas, and Curcumin can be helpful.

Many people are magnesium deficient. People who have experienced trauma and have PTSD are super magnesium deficient. This finding is interesting if you have blue eyes you are magnesium deficient. There is also research that shows if you have struggled with addiction you are likely magnesium deficient.

Brief Overview of Products

Digestive Enzymes Spectrum: helps break down food so the body can absorb it, and they help eliminate toxins. This product is needed daily as they don’t produce enzymes. If you see an increase in behaviors this can help detoxify the body, which will help with absorbing other nutrients. Behaviors that tend to be related to a poor gut are defiant, impulsivity, hyperactive, and sensory. This product is essential in allowing the body to absorb the other products. It is typical to start with a cap in the am, mixed with OPC-3, and a cap in the afternoon, mixed with opc-3. This can be bumped up to 2 caps at each time.

Aloe Juice: Also have enzymes in it, and it will help with bowl regularity, healing the gut, and the body. It also has other minerals and vitamins that children with neurological deficits are lacking.

Activated B Complex: This B is already activated, so when it’s taken it goes directly into the body. These kids need an activated B because they are unable to break down Bs. Bs help with aggression, thoughts such as worrying or negative thinking, B’s are known to give healthy energy. An activated B tends to calm children with neurological deficits, because their energy is from a nutrient deficient. This also helps with methylation.

Calcium: Our calcium is a blend. The magnesium in it helps to calm the nervous system; it’s great for relaxation and reduces stress like symptoms. Also, as a child this is the time they build their bone density, so it is much needed. Magnesium, D, and zinc are often seen to be deficits in children with Neurological issues making this product wonderful for them. Picky eating is also known to be a deficit in zinc.

OPC-3: Research behind pycnogenol shows an increase in attention. It is typical these kids hold onto toxins and pycnogenol helps get rid of it. Kids tell me their thinking seems less foggy, and parents tell me they notice a difference when getting them to get tasks done.

Next step:

1. Set up a no cost nutritional consultation if you need more information.

2. Order products and improve your health.

* order on-line and earn cashback (use coupon code 10OFFMA)                                                         http://bit.ly/2npvB19.

**My clients and their families get a 10% discount.

(*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent and disease)

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